• 7 reasons why our luxury silk scarves make the perfect gifts


    This must be a scarf’s USP - regardless of someone’s height, weight or build, scarves don’t discriminate and can be enjoyed by all. Whether wrapped around the head, shoulders, neck, or waist, one size really does fit all! So, if you are unsure of her dress size this is a sound gift to give.


    An exciting new scarf can be thrown on the moment it is unwrapped - there and then, on the spot. Even an outfit as simple as jeans and a t-shirt becomes unforgettable thanks to a well-matched scarf.


    Whether you like a retro look or a more modern style, a scarf is a perfect way to elevate what you’re wearing. Our fantastical creations are anti-trend and anti-fast fashion using traditional hand-drawing techniques fused with modern digital printing; designed to be cherished forever. We know you don’t like waste, nor do we. Our items are always produced in small quantities. By keeping our production lines limited, we minimise our carbon footprint – lessening the impact on our planet. Sustainability is always in fashion.


    A scarf is easy to carry around. So, whether it’s with her at home, a restaurant, or while rock climbing, she can easily reach for her gift at any moment. They are also letterbox friendly and inexpensive to post.


    If cared for well our quality silks can be worn again and again, season after season. It doesn’t endure the wear and tear of other accessories, such as shoes or handbags – and it doesn’t need washing as often as an item of clothing. Our beautiful silk scarves are designed to become family heirlooms – special and treasured items for generations to come – making it the gift that keeps on giving.


    Scarves are worn all year round by everyone, due to their heat regulating properties. They keep you cool in summer, protect you from the sun and keep you warm in winter when layering up. So, whatever you want to say – Happy Birthday, Thank You, Merry Christmas, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You or I Love You – a scarf is the perfect choice.


    Everyone has someone on their present list who seems to have everything. As our silk scarves are works of art this unique gift is guaranteed to fill that very person with joy as soon as they open the wrapping! Perfect for mums too – the heat regulating properties of silk makes a practical gift for those who feel the cold.

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  • A sad, yet wonderful return to County Clare

    And just like that, September came with the toughest period of my life, the passing of my wonderful Mother, Josephine. A proud County Clare native, my Mother and I spent my childhood summers there, I often wandered away, chasing butterflies and climbing amongst hay bales.
    Last week, I returned to County Clare for the months mind.

    Cliffs of Moher

    I took the opportunity to reconnect with my Mothers kind family who took such care of us during this tough period. I will be eternally grateful for their support.

    I, my partner, Cathal and Brother, Ferghal

    A talented artist, Josephine has paintings dotted all over Ireland. Some of her earlier work still rests in her childhood home. I was overjoyed to see them again. 

    Artist, Josephine O'Hanlon

    I took those early childhood memories and poured them into the fantastical creations that you see on the website today. 

    One of our most popular style of scarves is the Josephine scarf, of course named after her as a nod to the artistic talents she requested to me. I had the privilege of sharing this work with her before she passed - I can only hope she understood how proud of her I was and always will be. 

    Thank you all for your love, support, orders, cups of tea and shoulders to cry on.


    I'll finish with the words I spoke at her funeral. 
    "My Mother, my best friend, my well of strength. You once told me that you dreamed of running through the fields of County Clare, only to awaken to a body that couldn't grant your wish. I will forever admire your unconquerable spirit and I accept that it's my turn to say goodbye to you in this world, for there will be no sickness, death, pain or suffering in Heaven and until we will be reunited with the believers who have gone before us, my wish is that you may return to me, in my dreams".  
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  • Not quite a day for the races...

    Irish scarf designer at Galway races with boyfriend wearing a peach luxury silk watching horse racing and with feather hat. Accessories and fashion print.

    Did you attend the Galway Races? 
    I have long admired the ladies style at the races and although the weather did disappoint, the ladies did not! 

    I went on Friday 30th and in a word it was, WET! But I thoroughly enjoyed the day all the same, and it was my first time ever to attend the event. Also, any excuse to wear a hat! 

    A silk scarf designer and artist from Ireland at the Galway Races wearing a peach luxury silk scarf with boyfriend watching horse racing
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  • Behind "My Grannies Garden" Collection

    As a child, I was undeniably wild, prowling the streets of the liberties in Dublin 8. I often roamed off - to return home after the sun had set - my Dad exclaiming "Moggy (an affectionate term for a cat) - has returned!" 

Those are my memories as an inner city kid. The Dublin 8 I remember is different to the one we see today. Now, D8 has been named as one of the coolest places to live in the world. The south side area of the city was listed as the 15th coolest neighbourhood in Time Out's annual ranking. It ranked higher than other neighbourhoods in major cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. But my childhood memories are very different to this gentrified urban landscape. Back in the 90's it was less "let's grab a latte" more "let's grab 2 for a pound". It was an exciting and dynamic - if not a little dangerous - place to grow up.

    Dublin 1990s
    Dublin 1990s


    But my summers - my summers! They were often spent in County Clare with my Mother - a six mile bridge native - where I could roam endless green pastures and breathe crisp, clean air - a refreshing change. This landscape was nothing like inner city Dublin. A magical place where you could partake in horse riding after breakfast and chase butterflies until dusk. We stayed in my grannies home, with a secret garden that I often climbed into - without her permission, of course. 

    Clare Ireland 1990s
    Rose Clare Ireland Wild Garden Secret
    Peacock Butterfly Ireland Clare Wild Garden


    My journey into silk scarves has been a long one. I graduated from the National college of Art and design, 2012 and headed off to London where I gained experience with Kate Sheridan Accessories as a graphic designer. I didn't stay away too long - returning to Dublin to work as a designer for a greeting card company (hello 500 days of Summer!) I worked my way up and subsequently became the lead graphic designer for Kildare Village. 3 years in - I decided to go freelance, a decision thrilling and terrifying in equal measures, yet one I haven't regretted yet since!

 Fast forward a few years of happily working with several clients - 2020 hit. To gain resilience to the situation, I turned to creativity and I found myself pining to work with fabric again. I missed drawing by hand - a practice I had nurtured in college for so many years.

    Drawing Art Georgina O'Hanlon


    Today’s world is undeniably digital. New technologies – from social media to artificial intelligence – make the planet we inhabit unrecognisable from 20 years ago. In an attempt to withdraw from our forever on lifestyles I began to revisit childhood memories in the countryside and used them as the catalyst to create a collection of luxury silk scarves and prints. "My Grannies Garden" explores a simpler time, and is exploding with flower and fauna found all throughout the Irish landscape, in particular County Clare, such as the curious chaffinch and the brilliant peacock butterfly to the wild Irish rose, symbolising the strength and resilience of Irish women, both past and present.

    I knew the type of woman I wanted to create these luxury accessories for. They had to be of exquisite quality infused with a tinge of nostalgia and be unapologetically Irish. The traditional hand drawn elements were a non negotiable when curating the collections as I knew my lady would value traditional craft elevated with modern technologies.


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