Luxury silk scarves & fine art prints inspired by the Irish landscape

Georgina O’Hanlon Illustration is an Irish brand specialising in luxurious silk scarves and homewares adorned with hand-drawn art, by artist Georgina, NCAD alumna. Slow fashion meets artistry, all of the fantastical pieces are inspired by the breath-taking Irish landscape.

100% designed in Ireland and crafted with care and attention to detail by experts in Italy.


Inspired by The West

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female holding a silk scarf, peach with flowers in a dusty pink dress, perfect for weddings, gifts, luxury, irish, hand drawn, made in Ireland. Online shopping, gifts, art, design

The Irish landscape is nature's masterpiece, painted with shades of emerald, adorned with rugged cliffs and misty valleys, and crowned with the beauty of a thousand rainbows.


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